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Green Education


One of the seven flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 strategy is to develop an agenda for new skills and jobs to modernise the labour market and facilitate the transition to a greener economy. Green skills are at the heart of the EU strategy for moving forward.

According to the EU employment strategy and the South Tyrol’s sustainability policy, highest priority is to be placed on securing the necessary green and environmental skills to allow the economy, environment and society to balance resource use, human competence and economic prosperity.

Priority actions (either in force or to be agreed)

  • We agree that green education and green vocational training are vital for the just transition to a green economy and we shall promote the adaptation of local training institutions in favour of green skills.
  • We will support collective agreements promoting green learning in all employment sectors.
  • We will promote enhanced supply of green jobs training and coordination of existing green training institutions operating at local level.
  • We will endorse the design of new green programmes coherent with the demand side.
  • We will encourage public authorities to adapt the regional education system according to the demands of the green economy.
  • We will promote, by way of knowledge background, scientific subjects favouring green jobs with particular emphasis on the female population.
  • We will support the design of new academic courses, including masters degrees, addressing key issues of sustainable development at the University of Bozen.
  • We will stress a focus on public incentives to adopt sustainable and less energy-intensive production, environmental protection, and renewable energies.
  • We will support public research on sustainability issues (Welfare, Wealth, Work. www.forEurope).
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