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Energy efficiency and reducing emissions


The EU’s energy and climate change policy through its 20-20-20 targets is focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency. As buildings account for nearly 40% of all energy use in the EU, the major potential for energy savings exists in the building sector. Energy efficiency provides opportunities for emission reductions at negative or low cost and renewable energy provides opportunities for emission reduction and a cleaner environment. As regards renewable energy the South Tyrol has relevant resources in the form of hydropower plants, and the Energy Strategy 2050 is in force. In addition the Klima House is a consolidated experience and an effective public policy.

=== Priorty actions (either in force or to be designed)

We will stimulate energy audits and seek other opportunities for reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency such as implementation of Prof Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker’s recommendations in the Factor 5 Report.

  • We will mainstream the Covenant of Mayors, working together towards a smart sustainable-energy-based future and smart cities.
  • We will try to influence citizens to take action based on recommendations provided by institutions (APA, Eurac, TIS, University, Klima House), strengthening linkages between science and green employment.
  • We will support public and private action in creating more energy-efficient buildings and promoting management of existing hydro-power plants by enhancing green jobs in building sectors.
  • We will avoid overexploitation of renewable resources such as water for hydro-power, firewood and agricultural biomass, minimizing harmful effects on ecosystems.
  • We will stress the protection of the environment against excessive solar power (photovoltaic) and hydro-power plants, and against wind energy parks unsuitable for the alpine landscape, and we will ensure sustainable use of local forests.
  • We will favour the “intelligent use of electric energy”, as put forward by “Energy South Tyrol 2050”, introducing a system of proportional taxation of energy consumption and facilitate provision of consultancy services for reducing energy consumption.
  • We will sustain all efforts favouring cleaner mobility based on electric cars and bicycles, car-pooling and car-sharing, and a more efficient local train network, preferably run on renewable energy.
  • We will support the creation of new enterprises in the sector of production and distribution of renewable energies.
  • We will promote sustainable tourism (Alpine pearls, Klimahotels, ClimatePartner certification).
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